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Hannah Montana – The Movie: Review by my 8½ year old daughter

மகளூக்கு கோடை விடுமுறை. தினம் ஒரு கட்டுரை எழுது என்றேன். எப்பொழுதோ சென்ற திரைப்படத்தின் குறிப்புகள். Spelling mistakes are mine; grammar, punctuation are hers.

When we went to the Hannah Montana movie we heard that the movie was not at 2:00. The movie was at 3:00. Next to the AMC theater there was a Dollar Tree. In the Dollar Tree my aunt said we each can get 2 things including a chocolate. My cousin got a sharpie and a scribble pad and a Nestle chocolate. I got a notebook and a pad and dark chocolate.

When we came out of the dollar tree, we saw another shop named Joelle. My aunt said “Why don’t we take a look in?”

When we went in, it was really gorgeous. There were presents, jingles, door hanging stuff, arts and crafts, kitchen supplies, makeup and lots of other stuff. My aunt said we can come another day.

And when it was 3:30 the movie started.

Hannah Montana had a concert. The next day in school she had to go to New York in two weeks for her school music awards which is in the same as grandmas birthday in Tennessee. That day was Miley’s best friends birthday. So she hurried and got her a gift. Then she saw someone taking pictures of her and putting it in the newspaper. He heard about a secret. And then Mileys dad says to her that we are going to New York but they are really are going to Tennessee.

And then Miley gets really mad at her dad and gets out of the car. Her dad says we will race you to grandmas house and then Miley looked at the horses and says OK.

When she tried the horses she kept falling. Then she saw her school teammate and asked him for help. When she went to grandmas house she did not like it because they were singing and if they hear Mileys voice they will know she is Hannah Montana.

Mileys teammate was a cowboy. The next day she again went to the cowboys house. The cowboy asked Miley if they can eat together tomorrow.

When Miley goes home she sees her old relative. Her relative Laura told her the Mayor and other people are having dinner.

“Do you want to have dinner Miley?”


But then she thought how? ‘I have a dinner with the cowboy.’

But dinner with the Mayor, Miley needs to be Hannah. When it is time for dinner Miley keeps switching. And one time when she was with the mayor she tried to go but her dad stopped her. And then when nobody was looking she quickly went but when she changed, the cowboy was watching.

Now the cowboy is really mad at her. Next week when Miley had a show, she just said I can not do this.

‘Yesterday my dad said you have to pick between one life. The truth is I am really Miley. I have been keeping this secret all along. So now it is your choice if you want me to be normal. Miley or famous Hannah Montana?

Since you all said Hannah Montana, I am Hannah!’

So far Hannah Montana was only a TV series. But, now the first Hannah Montana movie!



எட்டு வயது மகளின் அரை மணிநேரப் பொழுதைப் போக்க புத்தகங்களைக் குறித்து சிறுகுறிப்பு வரைய சொன்னதன் விளைவு:

Books are interesting because they can bring you into a imaginary world. For example pretend you have never played soccer and you wanted to see what soccer was like so you decided you were going to read a book about soccer and suddenly it feels like you have played soccer after you read the book. From my school library I brought a book called “Punished”! I already read 1 chapter and I can not wait until the next chapter. That made me feel books I read are fiction books. I always daydream and If I read non-fiction books I only read nocturnal or biography books.