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AntiTerrorism Day: Former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s 17th death anniversary

Rajeev Gandhi Death - Memoirs, Anjali, Notes, Advt, Government

Jean Baudrillard & Quotable quotes – Death

  • We disappear behind our images (The Lucidity Pact, 85)
  • …the image, too, disappears, overcome by reality, what is sacrificed in this operation is not so much the real as the image (Impossible Exchange, 145)
  • The image cannot be prevented from proliferating indefinitely (The Ecstasy of Communication, 36).
  • In a system where life is ruled by value and utility, death becomes a useless luxury, and the only alternative. (Symbolic Exchange and Death)
  • Our true necropolises are no longer the cemeteries, hospitals, wars, hecatombs; death is no longer where we think it is, it is no longer biological, psychological, metaphysical, it is no longer even murder: our societies’ true necropolises are the computer banks or the foyers, blank spaces from which all human noise has been expunged, glass coffins where the world’s sterilised memories are frozen
  • ‘By dint of washing, soaping, furbishing, brushing, painting, sponging, polishing, cleaning and scouring, the grime from the things washed rubs off onto living things’ (Victor Hugo). The same goes for death: by dint of being washed and sponged, cleaned and scoured, denied and warded off, death rubs onto every aspect of life. Our whole culture is hygienic, and aims to expurgate life from death (Baudrillard)
  • Death, like mourning, has become obscene and awkward, and it is good taste to hide it, since it can offend the well-being of others.

Every death and all violence that escapes the State monopoly is subversive; it is a prefiguration of the abolition of power. Hence the fascination wielded by great murders, bandits or outlaws, which is in fact closely akin to that associated with works of art: a piece of death and violence is snatched from the State monopoly in order to be put back into the savage, direct and symbolic reciprocity of death, just as something in feasting and expenditure is retrieved from the economic in order to be put back into useless and sacrificial exchange, and just as something in the poem or the artwork is retrieved from the terrorist economy of signification in order to be put back into the consumption of signs. This alone is what is fascinating in our system

  • Aphorisms and proper names are characterised by their capacity for surviving the deaths of those who employ them or are designated by them, and are therefore structured by the possibility of death. – Derek Attridge. “Introduction: Aphorism Countertime” Jacques Derrida Acts of Literature.
  • Something said briefly can be the fruit of much long thought: but the reader who is a novice in this field, and has as yet reflected on it not at all, sees in everything said briefly something embryonic, not without censuring the author for having served him up such immature and unripened fruit. – Friedrich Nietzsche

நன்றி: IJBS Special Issue – Table of Contents – October 2007: “Remembering Baudrillard”

Outspoken California editor shot Dead

வீடியோ: Oakland Remembers Slain Journalist

செய்தி: Inside the Oakland Bakery Linked to Slain Newsman – Newsweek National News –

Founded in the 1970s, when Oakland was home to the Black Panthers and the nationwide Black Pride movement, the Bakery was far more than a bread shop. Under Bey, its charismatic patriarch, who preached a doctrine of discipline and black self-reliance and once ran for mayor of Oakland, the Bakery peddled health food and offered job training for underprivileged youth and ex-cons, earning the trust of city officials.

Police say the bakery’s handyman, 19-year-old Devaughndre Broussard, confessed to shooting Bailey in broad daylight as he walked to work at the Oakland Post, a black community newspaper, because he was upset about Bailey’s coverage of the business’s finances.

Shortly after Bey’s death, his successor, the Bakery’s CEO, was found in a shallow grave in the Oakland hills. One of Bey’s sons took over the business, only to die a short while later in a failed carjacking. No charges were ever filed. Yet even as some of Bey’s feuding heirs terrorized the community–and each other–attacking liquor stores owned by Muslims in 2005 and allegedly kidnapping and robbing a woman to get money for the failing business last year, community officials continued to support the Bakery, which is now in bankruptcy proceedings.

Oakland has a history of looking the other way when it came to Your Black Muslim Bakery. In 2002, Bey was charged with raping underaged girls in the extended Bakery “family”–a group of underprivileged youth who were offered jobs and boarding–fathering a child by one who was only 13. He pled not guilty, then died of cancer in 2003 while awaiting trial.

Three people murdered; 15 Lakhs to shutup; A feast to celebrate

‘ஜெண்டில்மேன்’ படம். மருத்துவம் பயில விரும்பும் மாணவன் அர்ஜுனின் லஞ்சப்பணத்துக்காக சத்துணவுக் கூடத்தில் பணிபுரியும் அவனுடைய அம்மா மனோரமா ‘வேலை செய்யும் இடத்தில்’ தீவிபத்தில் இறக்கிறார். அந்தப் பணத்தை கல்வித்துறை அமைச்சர் (திரைப்படத்தில் பின்னாள் முதலமைச்சர்) தூக்கியெறிந்துவிட்டு பேசுவதாக வரும் வசனம்:

‘முண்டச்சி… அங்கே செத்துப் போனா ரெண்டு லட்சம்தான் கிடைக்கும். கட்சிக்காக தீக்குளிச்சா பத்தோ பதினஞ்சோ தருவோமே… நீ சாவறியா?’


பலியான மூவரின் குடும்பத்தினருக்கு தலா ரூ. 15 லட்சம் நிதியுஉதவி: கலாநிதி மாறன்