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Explicit type conversion – Boxing & Unboxing in C#: Casting

Lilliputian, meaning “diminutive,” “tiny,” or “petty” comes from Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. When Gulliver found himself surrounded by a native species of tiny people, the island he was on was none other than Lilliput. Another source of the modern meaning is that, in the story, the Lilliputians were constantly at war with their neighbors, the equally small Blefuscudians over the correct way to eat a boiled egg, a petty argument to say the least.

conundrum – In the 16th century, it generally meant “a whim” or “trivial,” or “a person focused on trivial matters.” By the late 18th century, though, the word had taken on its more familiar meaning, “a puzzle” or “a riddle.”

Gulliver Conundrum Thinking Ape Blues Comics Cartoons

நன்றி: THE THINKING APE BLUES – A Comic Of Questionable Taste