DMK vs PMK – Cartoons


4 responses to “DMK vs PMK – Cartoons

  1. Dr. Ramadoss is not a mature political leader he is a narrow minded caste leader. Today he is talking about social jsutice and projecting himself as a social reformer but the people of Tamilnadu will never forget and forgive the atrocities committed on poor Dalits and rural villagers and how many 1000s of trees had been cut down to blockade the road to distrub the normal daily life of ordinary people. Ramadoss and his political party has no backbone to face the general election on its own strength, his party always need a political horse to ride on it to rerach the goal. Ramadoss’ politics is a blackmailing politics, political partites such as DMK and AIDMK shouild understand his political gimmicks and the people of Tamilnadu should identify this sort of political jokers and treat them as political untouichables. Dr.Ramadoss should learn a lesson from Mr. Subramaniyasamy. Mr. Swamy did the same trick and now he lost his identity and enjoying his political wilderness. Dr. Ramadoss, please grow as amature politician, don’t lose your credibility.

  2. I want to see that day as early as possibile, when Ramadoss will be running from one party to party for recognition

  3. 15 th locksaba election result TO PMK was good result(vetri kuttani)

  4. here after ramadoss should give respect to all community people. if doing like as earlier next election result result is also tripple one

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