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Dedicated to all Organic Nutheads


கார்ட்டூனுக்கு நன்றி: Big Fat Whale

நீங்களும் ஆர்கானிக் ஆர்வகோளாறர் ஆகிவிட்டீர்களா என்றறிய: Eco Quiz! How green are you? – The Phoenix

Sure, modern person, you can rattle off your bra size, your cell-phone minutes, and your credit rating in no seconds flat, but what do you really know about your carbon footprint? It’s hard to quantify it with a number, but we’ve assembled a handy quiz to help you get a sense of just how green you are. Here, then, are 25 questions that’ll separate the panda-killers from the eco-saints

மேட் ஃபிக்சிங்கில் (எல்லாத்துக்கும் ‘D’ என்று தேர்ந்தெடுத்ததில்) எனக்கு கிடைத்தது:

We admire your dedication, patchouli breath. We do. But sometimes, no matter how good your intentions, extreme commitment can be cloying, exasperating, and, well, smelly. Take a step back and evaluate whether all the aspects of your holier-than-thou green lifestyle are actually making a difference – or just making a stinky statement.