Finance reports of Presidential Primary candidates (Presidential Primary Series – 6)


presidential primary USA McCain Giuiliani edwards Obama Clinton Romney spending NYT

நன்றி :New York Times – Where Campaign Money Goes

2. Opinion of Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Hillary Clinton Opinion Poll by New York Times (President Primary) - Democrats Candidate

3. Thanks: NYT

New York Times Survey for Hillary Clinton

4. Women Supportive but Skeptical of Clinton, Poll Says – New York Times

5. Stealing America By David Truskoff

Where do you think Clinton came up with the quick 30 Million and Obama, out of no where, acquired 33 million. Both of them have been openly courting Pro Israel money. Most large donors, of course, want something back for their money. The prediction for the 2008 presidential race is that the candidates will spend a Billion and the one who spends the most almost always wins. It is stealing America.

When the Democratic Party kicked the war mongering Lieberman out because he was so far out of the American mainstream of political thinking he magically came up with $20,219,460, ran as an independent and won. In his state the candidate that spent the most money won five out of the six races.

Lieberman’s people claimed that 86% of that money came from individual donors and only 12% came from Political action Committees. Under the old law that would mean that approximately 17,563 individuals gave one thousand. That would not be too difficult for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to do.

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