Daily Archives: ஏப்ரல் 14, 2007

Innoru Uppu Peratha Documentation

  • The Z and the Y are swapped in this german keyboard
  • The gmail ha determined the location and gives a German interface, while Yahoo defaults to English!

Live from Frankfurt Airport

  • This is school vacation week in US. When you travel with kids you get to know your age.
  • It does not matter whether you blog or have an 80 gig iPod. One cannot hide his experienced looks.
  • IHT is a great newspaper. It should be available for subscription in US. Read three very engaging articles on
    • French primary elections
    • Delhi Traffic woes and the active arrogance of politicians
    • England vs Bangladesh
    • Kurt Vonnegut or some fellow who wrote lot of literary stuff
  • When you get old you are not good with numbers. The previous one has four entries, inspite of me leaving out Chirac´s legacy, McCain´s Campaign strategy.
  • There is a Tamil channel in Lufthansa. I heard a song which transformed old Ilaiyaraja hit Ádiye Manam nillunnaa nikkathadi´. They also played new classics like ´Loosu Penney´
  • Lufthansa forgets AVML vegetarians. Ofcourse feel free to listen to the tamil music. Sevikku unavau illai enil vayitrukku
  • Jaffan converter or some other stuff similar to the recent Hindi plugin for blogger.com should be made available here too. Note to self: write to Matt about this; he will respond 😉
  • The liquid restriction woes, stripping of belt, shoes etc have become normal. When a hassle becomes routine, people are used to ill-treatment.
  • Jeyamohan Kurunovelgal kept me company in the flight. Good for peaceful napping than the aforementioned IHT op-ed pieces.
  • This post took 17 minutes to write and costs me. This concludes the experiment of blogging produces lunatics